Peer Health Education

The Peer Health Education Program is designed to improve the health and well-being of KSU students and the campus community through peer education. The Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are student volunteers who are trained and certified to give health presentations on the following topics:

  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Body Image Awareness
  • Contraceptives
  • Introduction to Wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Sexual Assault/Interpersonal Violence
  • Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs) / HIV / AIDS
  • Stress Management

The program also provides a variety of health-related outreach programs and activities for KSU students, faculty, staff, and the campus community.

Get Involved

  • The Peer Health Outreach & Wellness Leaders (OWLs) make up KSU's Peer Health Education Program. It is a student-based group that focuses on improving the health and well-being of KSU students through peer health education. The Peer Health OWL program is limited to 15 students, and students are selected through a group interview process.


    Fekir Sertsu is a 4th year public health and education major here at Kennesaw state university. As a new member of the Peer Health OWLs, he is looking forward to working with KSU students. Some of his favorite health topics are nutrition, exercise, and stress management. His favorite quote is "the strongest force of failure comes in the eyes of the quitter."
    Angelina Allen is a third-year Kennesaw State University student pursing a degree in Public Health Education. Angelina joined the Peer Health Owls team in April of her sophomore year after an amazing experience in the Peer Health Education course offered here at Kennesaw State University. She aims to promote health by being an example to her fellow peers on campus by engaging in healthy eating habits, physical activity, and taking necessary precautions to avoid health consequences. Her passion is to educate and bring awareness to the importance of healthy relationships.
    Kenya Simmons is a junior at Kennesaw State University currently pursuing a major in Communication with a concentration in Media Studies. Kenya joined the Peer Health OWLs team in the Spring 2017 school year.  Her favorite health topics include exercise, nutrition, sexual health, and promoting a positive mental attitude. She likes to promote her health by engaging in physical activity every day, maintaining a healthy diet and reducing stress. Kenya became a Peer Health OWL because she wanted to promote wellness and inform people so they can be proactive instead of reactive.
    Kayland is a senior pre-med sociology student. She became a Peer Health Educator to become more involved on campus and gain experience in Public Health and leadership. Her favorite health topic is sexual health. Kayland promotes her own health by meditating and journaling daily.
    Grace Hine is a first year biology student at KSU. She joined the Peer Health Owls Team in fall 2016, and her favorite health topics are mental and sexual health. She promotes a health conscious lifestyle by maintaining a healthy vegetarian diet, working out regularly, and taking time for herself to reduce stress. She became a Peer Health Owl because she hopes to begin a career in the health field and she wants to help people be the healthiest they can be.
    RJ Tapales is a senior exercise student minoring in health promotion. His favorite health topics include stress management, sexual health, and fitness. He likes to promote his health by surrounding himself with positive and caring people. He tries to be active as much as he can through walking, exercising, and occasionally playing volleyball with friends. He joined the Peer Health Owls back in October 2015. He joined because he wanted to see what the health promotion side of wellness was like.
    Caitlyn Gaugler joined Health Promotion and Wellness in 2015. She is in the process of earning her BBA in Economics at Kennesaw State University with an interest in health economics. She is very passionate about advocacy through education and has participated in a variety of philanthropies for music education, health, and animal advocacy. Prior to transferring to Kennesaw State, she attended Roanoke College in Salem, VA and served as a Brother of Mu Beta Psi. She is a mother to two rabbits, Truffles and Lottie. She hopes to teach English in Korea in the future.
    Marissa Scott is a senior here at Kennesaw State University studying Exercise Science. She joined the Peer Health Owls in October 2015. Her favorite health topics are stress management and fitness. She chose to become a part of the Peer Health owls because of her interest in preventative medicine. She also found it to be a unique opportunity to interact with her community. She hopes to use the skills and knowledge she has gained through her time with the Peer Health Owls to help her in her future endeavors.
    Sharonjeet Kaur joined the Health Promotion and Wellneess in June 2015. She is a senior biochemistry major and hopes to enter medical school upon graduation from Kennesaw State University. She is a Peer Health Owl and Governor’s office of Highway Safety student assistant, focusing on alcohol education. Her favorite health topics include alcohol education, sexual health, nutrition, and mental health. In her own health, she focuses on incorporating and balancing all areas of wellness. She likes to educate peers on how to create and maintain positive behavior change. Sharonjeet aspires to be a physician and is passionate about primary care and preventative medicine. Becoming a Peer Health Owl has given her the opportunity to educate students, faculty, and staff on how they can incorporate healthy habits into their lives. Being a Peer Health Owl has given her the unique opportunity to implement health outreach on a large community scale.
    Allison Coates became a Peer Health Owl in October 2016. She is working at receiving a BS in Exercise Science and plans to graduate from Kennesaw State University in Spring 2020. She also plans to earn a MHS in athletic training after graduation. Her favorite areas of health include fitness and nutrition, and she promotes these areas by incorporating them into her own life and expressing their benefits. She is passionate about encouraging others of good health and improving her own knowledge. She is excited about what Peer Health Owls has to offer.
    Amber Ross is a junior here at Kennesaw State University majoring in Public Health Education. Amber’s favorite health topics are stress management and mental health awareness. Amber promotes her health by eating healthy and exercising. The reason Amber joined the Peer Health Owls was because she wanted to help educate her fellow peers about various health topics. 
    Andrew Connard is a senior communications major at Kennesaw State University with a passion for health communication. Andrew was diagnosed with HIV at the early age of nineteen and works as a public speaker and model in the Atlanta area to fight HIV stigma. He is passionate about encouraging people to be the very best they can be and works a lot with STI stigma and support, body image, and anxiety. Regardless over whether or not a test is positive or negative, he believes that someone’s status is undefeated until they allow it to be otherwise. Andrew joined the Peer Health OWLs to educate other students on HIV and sexual health and also eliminate some common misconceptions on people living with HIV, and promotes his own health by adhering to his medication, exercising regularly, and finding something to smile and laugh about whenever he can. 
  • A Peer Health OWL is a student who is trained and certified in developing, implementing, and evaluating health education programs for his/her peers.

    The Peer Health OWLs provide FUN interactive programs for students in classroom settings, fraternities, sororities, on-campus housing, and for student groups/organizations as well as health promotion campaigns on campus.

  • Becoming a Peer Health OWL provides you with opportunities to:

    • Understand the basics of prevention regardless of the health issue
    • Enhance leadership skills and become a campus leader
    • Increase awareness of personal wellness
    • Conduct educational programs and events
    • Attend peer health education conferences
    • Meet like-minded students with a passion for a healthier campus
  • Students interested in becoming a member of the Peer Health OWLs are encouraged to take PHE 2900 Peer Health Education. Through this class students will become nationally certified as peer health educators through The BACCHUS Network. Students will also work to develop programs, enhance presentation skills, and learn what it means to be a peer health educator.

    If you would like to get involved but are unable to take the class, please email or for more information.